An image depicting This Is My Why: Why Nwando Is Making Clothes For People To Celebrate In

This Is My Why: Why Nwando Is Making Clothes For People To Celebrate In

This Is My Why tells unique stories and distinct motivations that ignite founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners in their journey. Today, we spoke to Nwando, founder of NALÈ on why she is building a brand that makes clothes for people to celebrate in. 

Hello, can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Nwando and I’m the founder of NALÈ, a clothing fashion brand for bold and beautiful women.

Nice to meet you Nwando! Why did you decide to create NALÈ?

The tagline for NALÈ is, “For your life’s most precious moments”. I created NALÈ to make clothes for people to celebrate in. Growing up, we made such a fuss about our Christmas dress or our birthday dress and they really were the true highlights in our lives at that time. NALÈ to me is about retaining that joy.

I think that’s such a beautiful way to retain joy. I definitely made a fuss about Christmas dresses and it’s great to have something like this. What’s been the highlight of NALÈ for you so far?

The highlight of NALÈ for me has been seeing people from different corners of the world choose a NALÈ piece to celebrate a special moment in their lives. 

Awwww, that’s special. What do you think about the growth of NALÈ?

I’m fascinated by just how things can grow. I started NALÈ in a small town in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and now NALÈ is in a store in North London, England. The journey that has led us here makes me thrilled at what’s to come and just entirely fascinated by growth.

That’s amazing. What are the challenges you face at NALÈ?

People often forget that while you’re building a brand, real life is still happening to you. The biggest challenge has been navigating real life. A global pandemic, relocating, getting a degree, getting engaged, planning a wedding, getting married, and so on, all while building a brand that needs 24/7 attention and you have to learn to have it run parallel to your life and to do so continuously and excellently.

Okay, that’s a lot to deal with while building a brand. But look at you making it look effortless.🤭 What do you want people to think of when they hear NALÈ?

I would love people to think of NALÈ when they think of joy and celebrations, this is my why.

This is so nice. We couldn’t help but mention that you use Swaptime.🤭 Why Swaptime, how does it help you reach your goals? 

Yes, yes. Aside Swaptime being my baby, I think it’s an amazing platform. Swaptime helps NALÈ get closer to its goals by connecting us to influencers in London for content creation, and other creatives like makeup artists and photographers working towards expanding their portfolio get to collaborate with us. It basically helps us meet creatives so we can help each other and do great work through collaboration.

That’s great. We are glad we’re playing a part in helping you achieve your dreams. This has been really special.🥰 Thank you Nwando for sharing your why with us.

You’re welcome. Thanks for having me.

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