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This Is My Why: Why Fatu Ogwuche Is Building A Company That Spotlights The Best Of Africa’s Tech Ecosystem

This Is My Why tells unique stories and distinct motivations that ignite founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners in their journey. Today, we spoke to Fatu Ogwuche, founder of Big Tech This Week on why she is building a company that spotlights the best of Africa’s tech ecosystem. 

Hello, can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Fatu Ogwuche, the founder of Big Tech This Week. A company that spotlights the best of Africa’s tech ecosystem. 

That’s amazing! Why did you decide to build Big Tech This Week?

It was important to me to build my company because I wanted to offer value, connect people, and create opportunities for tech entrepreneurs to connect and build their companies.

Interesting! Sounds like a great initiative. What’s been your greatest challenge in your journey as a founder?

My greatest challenge is the business that I’m in.😂 The media is a tough business but I love hard things and my purpose is greater than any difficulty. So it’s the hill that I’ve chosen to live on because we ain’t dying over here. 😂

That’s really really amazing. Thank you for sharing your why with us.

Thanks for listening.

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