The Why of Swaptime? Swaptime is building an aggregator of dreamers that can support each other in building

The Why of Swaptime

For as long as memory has allowed, I’ve had big ideas and daily life has been taking steps towards the transfer of these ideas from brain to world. A birthing. Why?

Sometimes there is an apparent reason for what is being birthed and other times there is a pull in the direction of the thing, that goes beyond vocabulary.

I met up with a cared-for friend today, and we talked about the varied sometimes parallel worlds we show up to daily in the act of creation. He asked me a simple question about a world I was describing. Why?

It led me down the path of realisation that sometimes we look too closely at the worlds we are building, accepting their sure existence, without necessarily questioning or understanding the why.

So, this is an open letter to self, pondering publicly on the ‘why’ this world is important to me to create.

The building process is audacious, lonely and more often than not, frightening. Einstein defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. By this definition, I have been insane for as long as memory allows.

So have so many other dreamers who keep showing up to the building of things that take time and peace of mind in equal measures; pressed down, shaken together and running over; with the unwavering belief that the next day, week, month, year or even decade is the one that gives back.

The Why of Swaptime. Believe in your peer group, carry one another
Believe in your peer group, carry one another

In a fast modern world where ideas on their own have no footing and must be paired with execution, distribution and promotion to make a whisper that could one day turn to a roar, it is the belief in self, the uplifting of peers and holding up of one another that makes the dream of tomorrow remotely possible.

This is my undiluted why.

Swaptime is building a world of people who are building other worlds. An aggregator of dreamers who show up relentlessly to the itch that is their dream and the minuscule possibility that it could one day be brought forth to life. A world where pain points are shared and understood in unison, where there is an extension of self in the giving of skills acquired through the act of building, but also the receiving of extensions of others. An uplifting.