About Us

Who we are?

Swaptime is a global online marketplace using a barter system, where entrepreneurs and small business owners can swap skills they have for skills they need. Swaptime is building a world of people who are building other worlds. An aggregator of dreamers who show up relentlessly to the itch that is their dream and the minuscule possibility that it could one day be brought forth to life.

Here, the principle of ‘Unity Makes Strength’ comes alive in the most practical and impactful way. By swapping skills, we not only help each other grow but also foster a sense of collective empowerment.Every exchange you make on our platform is a step towards a stronger, more unified community where everyone has something to give and something to gain.

Mission Statement

To accelerate growth through the innovative exchange of time and talents. We aim to create a world where individuals can grow, businesses can thrive and communities can flourish through mutual exchange.

Our Core Values

We strongly believe in People. At the heart of every exchange, collaboration or shared experience is a fundamental trust in the capabilities, intentions and values of people.