Swaptime Member - Eloghosa Osunde at a book signing in New York

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Hello Swaptime community!

It’s Simon from Swaptime with last week’s highlight.

What a week we’ve had!

We started off the week with celebrating a Swaptime super creative writer, visual artist, and star of our generation, Eloghosa Osunde! Eloghosa Osunde has been featured in renowned publications like The New York Times and Paris Review, and now rocking the VS20 Artist Spotlight and yes they are also part of our growing community.
More on Eloghosa’s work is on their website 

Swaptime Member - Eloghosa Osunde at a book signing in New York
Eloghosa Osunde at a book signing in NewYork

On Tuesday was World Mental Health Day! It was a reminder that we shouldn’t take our mental health for granted regardless of how busy our lives can get. A little self care here, a little break there should be prioritised. We hope you take a break to breathe today, in fact let’s do an exercise together right now (breathe in for 5 secs and breathe out slower for 7 secs, repeat twice) I am sure you feel slightly less heavy. You are doing great, remember that.

World Mental Health Day Post
World Mental Health Day

On Wednesday, we spotlighted an amazing Swaptime member, photographer and creator who is one of the brilliant minds behind the documentary called Nwanyibuife – Dola Posh. The documentary includes eight artists and touches on a wide range of topics including mental health. It’s still showing here  Nwanyibuife Showtimes & Tickets – Everyman Cinema until October the 19th – check it out!

Dola Posh of Nwanyibuife
Dola Posh of Nwanyibuife

To end the week, we were present at Founder’s Connect by Peace Itimi in London! Not only did we attend, we also documented. We were inspired by the wealth of knowledge from the speakers. Here are some brilliant nuggets from them.

Founders Connect
Founders Connect

“What we need is more people starting” – Odun Eweniyi
“We need to know that we don’t know and then, we’ll start from somewhere” – Oo Nwoye

Click here for more on Founders Connect

That’s all from me this week! Let’s do this again next week.

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