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SwapStories Case Study: Divalukky x Nwando

SwapStories is a collaborative and interactive newsletter for sharing weekly stories of individuals and businesses on Swaptime that have successfully collaborated. Swaptime is a software tool that helps creators build more efficiently by allowing them to swap skills they require to grow with other users in the community. The usefulness of Swaptime can be found here. This offers a solution-driven platform where anyone with a skill can connect with other like-minded talented people to solve mutual customer pains.

Despite the numerous limitations in getting from point A to B while growing a personal or professional brand; knowledge, skills & talent are abundant, and these can be leveraged to increase the chances of success for all parties involved.

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As we continue to test and grow, we are glad to introduce SwapStories.

The first case study features the luxury fashion brand Divalukky and Nwando for social media content for both their brands.

Divalukky is a Luxury fashion house and brainchild of designer, Anita Chialuka who is very passionate about fashion and art. Growing up, Anita knew she had an aesthetic eye and an unconventional approach concerning fashion when she saw herself deconstructing dresses and engaging machinists to sew them into creative, intricate patterns and forms. Inspired by artistic structures around her and empowering iconic, her goal has always been, to make strong women feel sexy and empowered simultaneously while wearing her designs. Anita’s love for art, well-constructed dresses and elaborate designs discovered during different phases of her life, greatly influenced Divalukky aesthetics. 

Swaptime Collaboration between fashion designer Divalukky and model, Nwando

Nwando Ebeledike is a multi-passionate creative and the founder of Swaptime. She believes in the future of collaboration as a tool for growth. Her success in all her entrepreneurial pursuits can be traced to collaborations at one point or another with other skilled creatives & entrepreneurs. She is a firm believer in the magic that can potentially be created when two like-minded dreamers come together to create something brilliant! Using her experience in building communities around a shared vision, Nwando wants to encourage and inspire freelancers, creatives & small businesses owners to collaborate, learn and grow together in the process.

SwapStories - Swaptime Collaboration between fashion designer Divalukky and model, Nwando
Swaptime between Divalukky & Nwando

When asked about the greatest benefit of matching and swapping skills on Swaptime, Anita said ‘I loved the fact that expectations were set from the beginning – We agreed to 1 hour of time & 3 designs to shoot. I will definitely be using Swaptime again to find designers, pattern cutters and any skill that will be useful in further growing my brand’.

The Swaptime mission is to aid mutual personal and professional growth through collaboration. We look forward to sharing more SwapStories with our community!

Swaptime means growing together. 

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