An image depicting SwapStories: How Swaptime Helped Denola Grey And Nwando Meet Their Goals

SwapStories: How Swaptime Helped Denola Grey And Nwando Meet Their Goals

SwapStories showcases stories of individuals and businesses on Swaptime that have successfully collaborated. We spoke with Denola Grey, an actor and content creator, and Nwando, a photographer who used Swaptime to collaborate and meet their goals.

Have you ever had to show up for an important event and wished you had someone to capture the moments for you? What about looking for opportunities that will help you reach your professional goals faster? Denola Grey and Nwando were exactly in your shoes a while ago.

Dénola Grey is a multi-talented Nigerian influencer, actor, and style enthusiast. With his magnetic personality and a keen eye for fashion, he has become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry and social media landscape. His passion for style and creativity made him a sought-after fashion influencer, known for his impeccable sense of fashion and trendsetting looks.

A portrait of Denola Grey in monochrome on his exchange on Swaptime

Nwando, the founder of Swaptime is a passionate photographer at visualsbynale who has a knack for capturing moments that resonate. She is currently transitioning from a documentary photographer who was living abroad to a lifestyle photographer who has now moved to London. She said, “I want to shoot more local lifestyle content that is relevant to where I am now geographically and in my photography career.”

A picture of Nwando in a red dress sitting on grass on her exchange with Denola Grey on Swaptime

On Swaptime, Nwando connected with Denola Grey. Denola Grey needed photography services as he got ready for the Brits Awards 2024 and Nwando needed a model to help her achieve her goal of shooting more lifestyle content in her locality. Recognizing the value in each other’s skills, they had an agreement: Denola would use his influence to promote Swaptime, while Nwando would provide her photography services in return.

A screenshot of Denola Grey's and Nwando's collaboration exchange post with Swaptime on Instagram

You could tell they had a swell time throughout the duration of the collaboration. Right from the preparations and pre-show moments at Nobu Hotel, London Shoreditch to travelling to the venue in style with Audiuk, who provided VIP treatments for Denola Grey, an influencer for their brand.

A picture of Denola Grey in an Audi car on his way to the Brits Award on his exchange with Nwando on Swaptime

The collaboration between Denola and Nwando is what Swaptime is about – a place where individuals and businesses can exchange skills and support each other’s goals.

Their partnership emphasizes the kind of collaboration and community that Swaptime provides. It’s not just about exchanging skills, it’s also about building meaningful connections and helping each other succeed. As Denola Grey puts it, “It was the exchange of value and aligning with someone who saw my vision. It was a great feeling knowing that both parties were satisfied without our wallets taking a significant hit. There were services provided on both ends and both parties were happy with the outcome.”

Denola and Nwando’s story is one example of many scenarios of how Swaptime can help you solve real-life problems through collaboration. Denola Grey reitirated this by saying;

“I work in an industry that runs on a lot of freelance work and being able to use my skills and resources at my disposal in exchange for services that can help my career is an excellent way to mitigate the costly nature of what I do.”

Nwando agrees with him. To her, being able to connect with other creatives opens her to new markets for her career as a photographer.

As Swaptime continues to build a community of creators and innovators, stories like Denola’s and Nwando’s should inspire you. Together, they demonstrate that by coming together and sharing skills, everyone can thrive in their endeavours. This could be you too, having unique experiences like Nwando who said “I could have hired a model, created a mood board, and photographed this, but it would not have been as authentic as an influencer getting ready in Nobu Shoreditch to head to one of the greatest shows in London.”

Join Denola Grey, Nwando, and other users on the Swaptime platform today and start your journey toward finding meaningful collaborations that will help you reach your goals. All you need to do is sign up on Swaptime indicating the skills you have and what you need in exchange. Don’t just achieve your goals, join a platform that helps you contribute to the growth and success of others.


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