10 Must-Have Skills to Exchange on Swaptime Today


Have you wondered about doing a skill swap and exchanging a skill? Or have you ever been stuck with a challenging issue that you can not figure out because it is not your field of expertise?

Here we explain how you can grow your business with skill exchange.

Every one of us has a skill or a particular knowledge that can be of great value and benefit to others. These skills can come in handy on a platform like Swaptime. Swaptime is a function of reciprocity that allows you to offer your skills to others in the ecosystem in exchange for their expertise. 

So, instead of spending considerable time trying to figure out a problem that is not in your field, Swaptime is a great way to get jobs done efficiently, and you get to save costs in the process. 

We will match you with profiles based on experience, background, and interest, and in turn, you will make meaningful connections that can help you achieve your goals.

So, if you find yourself stuck on a task you could be better off outsourcing to someone else, here are some skills you can trade for the skills you need on Swaptime. Please note the list of skills to exchange here is not limited to what you can get or offer.

Let us get started on them.




1. Copywriting

Anyone can take a blank page to write down anything, but not everyone has the skill to write persuasive and compelling copy that will spur people to take action.

Copywriting is a professional skill that involves developing and creating advertisements across various brands; those who have this skill are called Copywriters. They possess a range of skills in addition to their writing skills that include different content types—like marketing materials, digital and print content— and communication skills, creative thinking, technical skills, research skills and more.

Copywriters may have content writing skills, but not all content writers have copywriting skills. Both skills are different from each other.

Female translator working on a document
Swaptime Copywriter

2. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is vast, which is why there is a plethora of knowledge about electronic marketing.

Marketing skills are now an essential part of most businesses. However, to remain relevant in the field and competitive, a Digital Marketer needs to have the most important digital skills. Skills like SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Data Analytics, Copywriting, Social Media Advertising, PPC, and Email Marketing are invaluable in marketing.

Digital marketing can be complicated if you do not have the skills and talent.


3. Web Development

Web developers are at the digital age’s front end (pun not intended). The websites we browse, the E-Commerce platform we order stuff from, and the news updates we get online are all made possible with the expertise of web developers who design and build the websites. 

Their blend of skills involves Creative Thinking, Project Management, Responsive design, HTML/CSS, Analytical skills, Responsive design skills, JavaScript skills, Interpersonal skills, Testing and debugging skills, and Back-end basics.

4. Photography

They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and we couldn’t agree more. Imagine some of the favourite things you’ve purchased after seeing a visual representation of them. Would you have bought them without images of the product? A book cover or a snapshot on a food delivery app. ?. Photographers tell multitudes of stories that captivate a viewer and have them begging for more.  

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencers are thought leaders in a particular field with a knack for persuading and shaping the opinions of their target audience. Influencers are essentially the face of the internet because they help drive consumers to your business or campaign. As a result, many companies count on them for success. So, what if you could swap a skill with an influencer? Well, now you can. 

Photo of stylish and fashionable woman viewed on mobile phone
Swaptime Influencer

6. Content Writing

Content writers have become one of the most sought talents on the internet. They cut across even the unsuspecting sectors such as pharma. They help you convey your message by crafting it in a way that appeals to your audience and keeps them engaged. 


7. Graphic Designing

To start with, Graphic Designing combines art and technology to create visuals that solve problems by employing the use and composition of colours, typography, imagery, and form to communicate ideas. The best logos and flyers are often love at first sight for a significant portion of your consumers, a delicate invitation to engage with you to see where it leads you. 


8. Video Editing

Video editing can be time-consuming and requires a great deal of expertise. Yet, it’s an integral part of modern-day marketing because it links images and sounds to create an emotional feel. The outcome of your video can either make or mar the message you want to communicate. That is, using a professional for your video editing is appropriate.


9. Fashion Designing

A fashion designer brings your imaginative sketches to life. Behind every fashion icon is a talented designer that can visualise the aesthetics they sought to create. So, define the moment you’re dressing for and let Swaptime do the magic of actualising your dream fit by pairing you with the right person.  

10. 3D Animation 

3D Animation takes digital bjects and brings them to life through motion and movement. This is useful across various industries like film, education, fashion, architecture, marketing, arts and gaming amongst others. An animation allows you to see your idea in motion and is a great marketing tool.

We would love to hear from you. Please tell us what skills to exchange you want to see on Swaptime in the comment box below.


Black man in glasses rendering 3D cartoon on computer while working in home office
Swaptime 3D Animator

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5 people working on their laptops

Swaptime – Growing Businesses with Skill Exchange


Several people joining hands in the middle
Swaptime means Community

As humans, our time is as valuable as money. That’s why the metaphor “time is money” is as true as steel.


That being said, it is a thrilling experience when your time is fetching you tons of money, particularly if you are rendering your services to a business.


However, the same can’t be said when you are the one paying for someone else’s time – especially if you are a start up or want to grow your business. 


This is because not everyone who desires to start or grow a business has the absolute financial capacity to launch. While some may have the funds to establish a business from start to finish, others may not be in that same box. This in turn may cause the business to lag behind, and fail to launch on projected date. As the various economies worldwide prepare to enter or are already in recession, the time to go back to community is now.


If you fall in the category of the latter who wants to launch or start a business, this article is the good news you’ve been waiting for. Remember we established that “time is money” from the first paragraph of this article. The interesting part you are yet to figure is, time is also a currency you can use to grow your business on Swaptime. Now, before you ask how you can use your time to grow your business, first, we’ll explain what Swaptime is. Shall we?


So what is Swaptime?

A web and phone view of a blogpost
Swap time with web designers on Swaptime

Swaptime is a service exchange community for Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Small Business Owners where anyone can exchange skills they have for skills they need. 


How Swaptime Works


Here is how Swaptime works and connects you to the skill services you need: 


You head on to Swaptime, upload the skills you have and the skill services you need to be rendered to you or your business.

Swaptime will then match and connect you to the service you need, as your profile will be shared with other people who are interested in the skill you offer, and vice versa.


You will have the option to review the profiles that show interest in swapping skills with you. So when you accept the offer, you can proceed to swap skills with the profile you chose.


For instance, if you are a UI/UX designer that needs a technical writer for content, You will get a  list of technical writers that are looking to swap skills with UI/UX designers and you can pick based on profiles of people that interest you most. Or say you’re an influencer looking for fashionable clothes to grow your personal brand, and there’s a fashion designer out there looking for an influencer to create content for the brand; the app connects you both and you swap your skills for his or hers instead of paying with money.


How to Grow your business with Skill exchange

The good thing about growing your business with skill exchange or swaptime is that it eliminates the process of having to incur additional costs that could be useful to other areas of your business. Additionally, you get to use your time and skill as a currency to grow your business.

A photographer shooting with his camera
Swap time with photographers on Swaptime

Asides that, growing a business and transforming it into a successful enterprise requires more than passion. It also demands workin both hard & smart, perseverance, and expertise in your field. As an ingredient for success, you need to be proficient in a set of fundamental skills that businesses require to thrive.


Equally,it is also important to know from the onset what skills  you have, what skills you need to learn, and most importantly, the skills you need to delegate to others. 


There are some important skills you will need to grow your business, but if that skill is the one you lack, you can decide to learn these skills over a period of time yourself, or you can exchange that time with your skill for an expert in such specific areas of skill that you need.


That way, you don’t have to go overboard with finances that could help in growing other areas of your business and you can connect with a community of builders with similar values.


On a final note, one of the most important hacks in propelling your business is Delegation. Knowing what and when to delegate is very crucial to the success of a business. 


Of course, it can be a challenging decision to make when it comes to delegating duties or skills you don’t have to others who are good at it. This is especially true for most first timers starting a business.


Remember that growth is important, and you can put that time into focusing on the big picture instead of spending countless hours trying to learn that skill so you can do the job yourself.  


You are not doing your business a favor by denying it the right expertise and growth it needs. So, don’t be afraid to delegate the parts you are not an expert on.


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